Covid Isolation Diary March 19

I have to get the stuff rattling around in my head to go somewhere and this is as good a place as any so I’m putting my thoughts down for anyone who cares. Maybe someone will benefit or recognize they’re not alone. I read a thing years ago about how Holocaust survivors had passed the Read More

2018 Year in Review

I’m not usually one for year end recaps, but I’m also a big believer that we don’t know where we’re going unless we take stock of where we’ve been. January The year began in Savannah, GA with two friends, Bruce & Adam, who invited me on a New Years airplane adventure. It was my first Read More

The Week That Was

Shit. It’s been a weird week. Monday, I woke to news that a guy who had been my neighbor until a few months ago killed his former boss with a hatchet. Tuesday, news broke of Kate Spade’s suicide, which stunned because she was the sunny disposition in bright clothing who seemed to have it all. Read More

How Do You Know When Its Time To Go?

graphic of Craig in the movie Friday with the words "bye felicia" in white

I’ve been working in graphic design and/or web development for just shy of 20 years. In that time I’ve endured two layoffs and cobbled together a living through two recessions before I was 35 years old. I’ve learned quite a lot about predicting the future in work situations from personal observations and war stories from Read More

“Imposter Syndrome” Presentation from WordCamp Nashville 2016

Have you ever, at any point of your career, thought one of these things: “I’m no good at this. I have no idea what I’m doing.” “My boss/coworkers are going to find me out and I’ll be fired.” “Everyone seems to know what they’re doing except me.”     Congratulations: you have experienced Imposter Syndrome. Read More

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

Along the same lines as the thinking of that well known quote, I’m leaving the harbor effective November 1. For almost three years, I’ve worked for and alongside Kenneth White at Sprclldr. We’ve written code, created some fantastic websites, worked with fantastic people, and we’ve laughed… and we’ve laughed some more. I could write a book Read More