Along the same lines as the thinking of that well known quote, I'm leaving the harbor effective November 1.

For almost three years, I've worked for and alongside Kenneth White at Sprclldr. We've written code, created some fantastic websites, worked with fantastic people, and we've laughed... and we've laughed some more. I could write a book about what I've learned from working alongside one of the best WordPress developers in Nashville since June 2012. I could also write about what a kind, patient, generous, enthusiastic teacher and benevolent boss Kenneth is. I could also write about where to find the best food in town, because we shared a lot of spectacular lunches. Most importantly, we've done good work for really great clients, and I'm so proud of the properties on the web that we've created. There are few people I'd say I'd go to war with; I'd fight any battle with Kenneth if he asked.

Now it's time to leave the nest. I've started my own web development company, Permelia Media.

The beauty is I now can have the best of both worlds: the freedom to work with other fantastic developers in Nashville as well as outside clients. The icing on the cake is I'll still be doing some work for Sprclldr. I'm excited and terrified at once, but that's what makes life interesting. Onward.