Hi, I’m Beth, a proud fifth-generation Mississippian and Nashvillian since 1999. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in graphic design from Mississippi State University. With thirteen years of graphic design experience, I made a career pivot in 2012 to the wonderful world of web development. I worked as a front end web developer at Sprclldr for 3.5 years and struck out on my own in November 2015, starting my company, Permelia Media. Currently I work at Parthenon Publishing as a web developer. I specialize in WordPress web development, specifically hand-coded custom-themed WordPress websites. What sets me apart from most front end web developers is my background as a graphic designer which allows me to replicate a design pixel-perfectly on the web.

When not creating and coding, I like taking long walks around Nashville, sharing a laugh with good friends, cooking large flavorful dishes for myself and others, reading biographies and the occasional Netflix binge. In the interest of learning new things that I will never master other than writing code, I began practicing yoga in January 2015 and hope to be able to do a headstand one day without hurting myself.